7/27/19- Auto Straddle is under fire AGAIN, OITNB is back & Tessa Thompson is our new queer superhero


Ooooh Chile this tea is HOT today! A few years back we shared a piece on Twitter that was beautifully written by Carolyn Wysinger. The article focused on Autostraddles A-Camp and how they not only lacked support for Trans, and QPOC, but were down right discriminatory and offensive in particular instances throughout the weekend.

Well friends, three years have passed since that article was published and the BULLSHIT over at Autostraddle is still going on. PLOT TWIST! There’s a new article written by Dan Owens over at The Medium that not only reiterates was Carolyn already stated, but reaffirms her thoughts with collective stories from other queer people who have experienced the same treatment by the popular media outlet. Autostraddle girl, get your fucking shit together, and we mean that in the nicest way possible.

Read the new article HERE


In other news, miss Tessa Thomspon will be playing the new bisexual superhero Valkyrie in Marvels new Thor film. Exciting right? We can’t wait to watch her as she searches for her lady love on the silver screen!


The new season of the L Word is dropping gems on us left and right and we love it! They’ve casted a slew of new actors INCLUDING a young lady who will be playing an older version of baby Angie on the show! You can find out more about the new cast HERE.

Aye! Lizzo and Missy Elliot dropped the video for Tempo this week! Who else is twerking as we speak? Check it out above!!


OITNB is back for their final season and we can’t get enough! The writing in this season is stellar and the acting is amazing as always. Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out and say farewell to the ladies of Litchfield!