Week in Review 9/25/18: Lena Waithe Does Boomerang, Rihanna's Boss Move & More


We’ve got some interesting things happening this week Fab Femmes! Did you hear the news? Lena Waithe will be working with Halle Berry to create a revamped, episodes version of the classic film Boomerang. This is a HUGE win for Lena and we’re excited to see what Berry will do on the production forefront!


Earlier this week we posted an article highlighting a FAB new streaming LGBTQ platform called Revry TV that is making its rounds across the net. Over the weekend they debuted an exclusive short film called “Femme” that follows a flamboyant young gay man who learns to be ok with his “femme” identity by way of fairy drag mother. You can watch that HERE.


Meanwhile in Barbados, Rihanna is KILLIN the game! She has become the newest Barbados Ambassador, granting her rights to promote tourism, education, and investment into her country, That is AMAZING!


A lesbian couple in India has been granted permission to live together without persecution which is a HUGE deal. Albeit ridiculous they have to get permission to cohabitant but this is awesome regardless! Congrats ladies!