Week In Review 9/18/18: A Typical Goes Queer, NYGTV Is Back, Happy B Day Amber & More!




First things first, our buddy Ambers Closet had a birthday this weekend. HAPPY BDAY AMBER! You deserve all of the awesome things that are headed your way. Thank you for representing our community so well!


Moving right along, has anytime tuned into the new season of the Netflix original series A Typical? SPOILER ALERT! We’re happy to announce there is in adorable queer storyline taking place towards the end of the season. Definitely reminds queer women of their first time.


As many of you now there are a number of web series hitting the net this fall! Great news for New York Girls TV fans. They’re coming back to Youtube on 10.23.18! Exciting right? Grab your girls and make it a movie night! NYGTV is back and better than ever! Check out details HERE.

Speaking of web series, have you been keeping an eye on Houston based TV pilot 30? If not you’re missing out! Yesterday we released an exclusive clip from the show where two of the characters interactive during their first creative direction session. Check it out below and share with friends! This is a TFF MAG production!

Oceans 8 is out on DVD which is SUPER exciting for everyone who loves female supercharged films! Check it out and let us know what you think!

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