WATCH: Monique Slammed for Fat Shaming Indie Filmmaker at Comedy Show


The audacity of this bitch. WHEW, chile, so last night we ran across a heart wrenching video of a young lady recounting the story of a terrible interaction she had with comedian Monique over the weekend. Not only did she shame the young lady who was telling the story, but she spent the majority of her time on stage partaking in HOTEP shenanigans, encouraging everyone to “suck their kings dick” while cancelling all dialogue about being a big girl.

After the show, the young lady in the video made an attempt to meet Monique alongside a number of fellow fans. Monique took her time hugging everyone and telling them how amazing they were blah blah blah. When it came time for Monique to embrace the young lady in the video, she walked past her as if she didn’t exist. When she finally stopped to speak to the young lady who is heavy set, all she had to say way “SAVE YOURSELF”.

Now listen, first and foremost, when someone supports you and spends their hard earned money to come to your show to support YOU even though the rest of the world thinks your trash, you DEFINITELY should be grateful! So there’s that. Secondly, what kind of asshole blatently treats the one big girl in line to meet them different than everyone else in line based off the fact that they’re big? Who does that? Monique knows EXACTLY how this young lady feels which makes it that much more hypocritical. She’s out here like a “new Christian” handing out unsolicited advice no one asked for!

To add insult to injury, Monique was the MUTHA of big girls for the duration of her career. Why shame them? Why make them feel lesser than as if you’re the guru of health all of a sudden?

TFF MAG does not support anyone or anything that has to do with fat shaming people, PERIOD. Monique, get your fucking shit together and learnt appreciate all six of the people that still rock with your fake ass!