The Queer Gals Guide to SXSW 2019

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Happy Wednesday everyone! We’re thrilled that SXSW is finally on the horizon! The next week will be full of amazing panels, events, and music put together by a number of talented people throughout the country. There will also be a number of amazing QUEER events that we can look forward to taking place! Excited? You should be!

While you’re in town if you’re looking for yummy food try queer owned BBQ restaurant, ‘La Barbecue'! This joint offers an array of TASTY selections coupled with a friendly atmosphere. Check out a little sneak peek below!


If you’re a fan of great music, you’re definitely going to want to make sure you stop by the Pink Privilege LGBTQ Hip Hop showcase! This is going to be a FAB event that will bring about a number of talented LGBTQ artist. Aina Breiyon is set to perform along with Vockah Redu, Bobby Lytes, and Kidd Kenn. Click HERE to RSVP!!


Our gal pals over at Lesbutante and the Boss are also hosting an AMAZING event during SXSW. THIS FRIDAY there will be a SLEW of ladies checking out their event at Sellers Underground! This will also be the official after party for the Dapper Q Editor in Chief Anita Dolce Vita which is pretty cool.

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We have it on good authority that the cast from Gentrified will be hanging out in the city along with a number of queer media entities like Pride Portraits Houston.

One of our FAVORITE queer venture capitalist Arlan Hamilton will also be at SXSW! You have four opportunities to hear her speak throughout the course of the weekend. Make sure you follow her on Instagram to stay in the loop!


SXSW will bring about a number of amazing queer filmmakers which is very exciting. AGLIFF will be hosting a brunch for Queer Women in Film on Saturday, March 9th which is really cool. You can find tickets for their event HERE. If you’re interested in film make sure you stop by to network and indulge!

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Well, that’s all we have for now everyone! If you’re hosting a queer event in Austin during SXSW send us an email and we will update the article with your event included! Have a fun and safe SXSW everyone!