Toxic Talks: Five Kinds of Toxic People to Leave in 2018


Ah yes, the obligatory “how you can get your shit together for 2019” post is finally here. Let us start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope this year us prosperous for all of you! Ok, on to the post!

With the beginning of every year we see a slew of memes and status updates regarding toxic people, toxic relationships and how they’re being left in the previous year. While that sounds nice in theory, it rarely happens the way it was discussed and it isn’t for a lack of trying. The issue is that sometimes people genuinely don’t see the toxicity of the people around them because they have on rose colored lenses. TFF MAG is here to help!

We’ve compiled a list of FIVE kinds of people to stay the hell away from in 2019. If these people are already a part of your life, you still have time to cut the cord! Enjoy the list, comment below, and remember to take care of yourself this year and every year moving forward!

5. The User- Ooh Chile, THE USER. We all have a user around us who’s disguised as a friend. What you don’t realize is that they’re literally only around to get what they can from you. This person is the person who calls two days before asking to borrow something trying to butter you up before asking, They only call when they need something and they only come around when it’s beneficial for them. There’s no reciprocity in your friendships and they do JUST enough to stay around and reap the benefits. Beware of the user.

4. The False Prophet- This asshole here is the problem child of the toxic girl group. This is the person who shoots down all of your dreams indirectly for the sake of “looking out for you” or “being realistic”. They’re disguised as someone who cares about your best interest but in reality, they’re bitter and don’t want to see anyone around them evolve or do makes them happy. They’re quick to tell you how you should live your life and why you shouldn’t do things. Pay attention! If you listen closely, you’ll start to catch on to how negative they actually are.

3. The Fake Friend- Listen, this one here is self explanatory. Frenemies are the absolute WORST and we’re here to tell you they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. RIGHT NOW there’s someone in your inner circle talking about you with someone you don’t care for. Frenemies are hard to spot because they’re good actors but if you pay attention to the way they respond when good things happen for you, or when something important is going down and you can see a shift in their behavior.

2. The Person w/ Potential- How many of you feel attacked right now (insert crying laughing emoji here). Here’s the thing, we’re all guilty of glorifying peoples potential from time to time, the trick is not to make a habit of it. This is true with friends, family, and romantic relationships. It is NEVER ok to make decisions based on someone potential, mainly because you have no control over whether they’re motivated enough to reach to or not. We ALL have potential. Giving someone a pass on stupid behavior or a lack of motivation because you see their “potential” is foolish and says a lot about what you choose to accept for yourself. Base your decisions on actions not potential.

1. The Flake- This right here is going to wipe out people in mass numbers kind of like #birdbox did. GET RID OF FLAKEY PEOPLE IN 2019! Get rid of the friends who only come around when they’re single. Yeah we said it, ya’ll are the worst! Get rid of the person who never comes to important events and the person who never comes through for you even when they say they will. Get rid of the flakey friends and flakey family too. Consistency build character and you have to set boundaries for yourself so people know how to treat you. Get rid of anyone who is letting you down by way of not respecting your time or your mind. PERIOD!