Grindr for Girls Has Arrived and it's FAB!

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 10.48.12 AM.png

Ladies, all of your gay prayers have been answered! Yesterday TFF MAG had a chance to sit down with the creator of the hottest new all girl dating app “Likk”. The purpose of the app is to connect women in a way that caters to a crowd looking for instant gratification. Do you remember when you first came out? How nice would it have been to have the capability to meet other gay women in your area instead of trying to find them at random clubs? Especially if you’re kind of awkward in social settings.

The lesbian community has a number of dating apps that offer ladies a chance to meet users who are also on the platform. What makes Likk different from the other apps is the fact that it’s structured similarly to Grindr. You can search for ladies in your area, match based on key terms, AND check out a number of photos before committing to meeting.

TFF MAG wants to encourage you all to check out this app! It’s a great way to make new friends, hookup, or find Mrs. Right. The sky is the limit friends! Download today, tell friend and spread the word!