REVRY: The Newest Queer Streaming Entertainment Platform on the Web

Yasssss! How many of you are tired of skimming over the same five LGBT shows on the web day by day? As queer people, our choices for watching queer films have been limited to Logo, Youtube, and a very small handful of queer networks that offer a limited number of shows on their platform. The LGBTQ community is constantly seeking entertainment of quality that reflects our community accurately. To the luck of many, Revry is here to change that!

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Based in California and launched by a small group of queer creatives, Revry has quietly become the number one streaming service for LGBTQ content. Not only is the platforms interface beautifully put together, but the service itself is easy to use and easy to access being featured on Roku devices, Apple TV, Android, Pluto, Amazon Fire TY and many more. Revry also gives users a chance to view shows for free with limited commercial interruption, or you can pay a month subscription of $5.99 a month to stream commercial free.

Platforms like this are exactly what queer filmmakers need to be able to share their work within the community. Revry has also given young queer people an amazing place to go to see people they can identify with. They now have the ability to watch and listen to shows, music, and podcasts that cater to people just like them.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Revry app to your phone and TV, now Is the time! Enjoy and thank us later!