SHIT FEMMES LIKE: King Caro Summer Fashion Collection

Photographer: @ themichael_j     Model: KC Boswell, King Caro Founder

Photographer: @themichael_j

Model: KC Boswell, King Caro Founder

Where are all of our Fab Femme Fashion lovers? Over the weekend we had the pleasure of being introduced to a dope new clothing line based out of Chicago Illinois. Ladies, meet King Caro! 

"King Caro (KC) is a fashion line dedicated to showcasing the diversity within the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Not only are we diverse in skin tone but also in gender identity and sexual orientation. We are truly a non-conforming generation, we dress how we want, love who we want and express who we are through fashion. KC strives to create clothing and imagery that encourages you to always be yourself"

~KC Boswell

Model: @ vellotherapper   Photographer: @ picturesbykeinon

Model: @vellotherapper

Photographer: @picturesbykeinon

Amazing right? The imagery displayed in the company's Summer 2018 campaign is FAB in every sense of the word and essentially, the reason why we wanted to feature the King Caro brand. Unique models, vibrant imagery, and simple designs that embody all things "cool" set this brand aside from the rest.

When asked about the bottom line of the company, here is what the owner told TFF Mag in regards to raising brand awareness: 

King Caro's purpose is to bring diversity to the forefront through fashion and powerful imagery. Our first summer 2018 collection is filled with tshirts and other ready wear items that are filled with color and personality. My goal with this collection is to raise brand awareness and funds to help build the next collection which will feature bigger, bolder designs.

Chicago Illinois is home to a number of amazing queer creatives.  King Caro will be be a vendor at the Chicago Bosses and Business Social Event held by Bossup Magazine on July 21, 2018. 

Models: @ lookatliko  & @a.nachalle  Photographer: @ asianzeus_

Models: @lookatliko & @a.nachalle

Photographer: @asianzeus_

Supporters will have a chance to purchase KC merchandise in person. If interested in attending this Chicago event, please email to purchase general admission and VIP tickets at a discounted rate. More details about the event can be found on the Bossup Magazine website ( or on their instagram page, (@bossupmag) and/or all King Caro social media pages. Ladies, check them out and spread the word about this FAB company!