WATCH: Netflix Original "Jewel's Catch One" Tells Epic Story of Black Lesbian Club Owner in Los Angeles


"A win for Jewel was a win for every gay person in this town because it showed that racism will never win if good people are willing to stand up to bad people, and Jewel was that good person"

Netflix has done it again! TFF MAG has caught wind of an amazing new documentary on Netflix titled "Jewel's Catch One" that follows the story of queer activist and club owner Jewel as she changed history in West Hollywood one day at a time.

Not only was Jewel a well respected club owner and a socialite within her community, but she was an activist in every sense of the word. She supports HIV/AIDS awareness , transgender advocacy, LGBTQ support groups, and many more who are marginalized on a daily basis. Jewel is a pioneer and her desire to create a unique space for minorities is amazing. 

Check out the trailer and learn more about how Jewel helped her community thrive!