Check Out the First Two Episodes of New Queer Web Series "Let Nina Prosper"

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Alright for FAB new content from queer women of color! As mentioned in our last post, Let Nina Prosper is one of the hottest new LGBTQ series to hit the net this year. The first two episodes debuted leaving a fresh, relatable imprint on the minds of viewers. 

The first episode titled "Moving Up" does a great job introducing viewers to each character while highlighting the dynamics between Nina and her lady love Layla. Check it out below.

Episode two of Let Nina Prosper allows viewers to delve into the backstory of the characters on the show by way of HBCU. Candid and humorous, the second episode is light hearted and covers a variety of topics surrounding the culture on Black college campuses. You can view that episode below as well. 

We're excited to see more of Let Nina Prosper! What do you think about the show so far? Comment below and share with friends!

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