TFF MAG Releases Full Length Streaming Series Pilot "30" Online in Time for the Holidays

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Happy Holidays everyone! This morning TFF Mag unveiled the pilot episode of “30” online for the world to see! The show follows three best friends as they try and navigate the strange happenings that come with turning 30.

LOGLINE: Three friends tackle life altering choices they’re forced to make after powering through a quarter life crisis straight into their 30’s.

Summary: Season one of "30" delves right into the dynamics of friendship, and the recurring theme of embracing major change. The three main characters in the show grapple with divorce, job separation, and relationship issues in the first season of 30. Sonie introduces a book titled "She's Just Not That Into You" to the primary cast which sets the tone for the show. Sonie uses the book as a catalyst to help her friends navigate their relationship issues with self. After ten years of marriage that was initiated in her 20's, Carmen decides she wants to separate from her husband to gain a sense of self. Lastly, Brooklyn decides a career change is needed to improve her quality of life.

Season one of “30” will be set to debut on Amazon Prime next summer. Stay tuned and contact for any press or sponsorship inquiries you may have. Enjoy the pilot!