New Houston Based TV Pilot "30" Features Queer All Girl Cast

Brooklyn, Sonie and Carmen (Left to right)

Brooklyn, Sonie and Carmen (Left to right)

OMG! Ladies, have you heard the great news? TFF Mag creator Aryka Randall is in pre-production with a new Houston based TV pilot called "30". The show is structured around the relationships between a trio of friends who are dealing with breakups, career changes, family drama, and more. 

The overall theme of the show is self love. Based around the book She's Just Not That Into You, "30" strategically delves into what it means to love yourself before loving someone else. The cast is led by strong female leads every viewer can relate differently to. 

Sonie (pictured in the center)  is a 30 year old photographer from San Fransisco California who is searching for self love as a way to attract the right person into her life. She is smart, funny, extremely sarcastic, and battling with the trail of destruction left by an ex GF who "ghosted" her after a long term relationship. 

Carmen (pictured on the right) is a 30 year old personal stylist from Houston Texas who has been married to her husband Chris since their senior year in high school. Carmen has a very interesting journey regarding her personality, and her peers expectations of who she is.

Brooklyn (pictured on the left) is a 29 year realtor from Austin Texas. Friends would describe her as a "dreamer" because of her creative nature and her fierce work ethic. When Brooklyn has a vision, she goes for the gold with no regrets. 

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"30" will be available to view online for a limited time as well as in person via screenings in various cities. Stay tuned for more information and remember to follow "30" on all things social media!

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