The Official Dinah Shore Girls Guide to Dinah 2K17

It's almost that time of year again ladies! Dinah Shore 2017 is right around the corner and this year there are some amazing events taking place, along with some great performances. If you're a Dinah newbie you'll be happy to know that you're in for one of the best weekends of your life. If your'e a Dinah expert thank you know you're in for a dope ass weekend full of booze, babes, and great music.

The most important thing to know about Dinah Shore is that the entire experience depends on who you choose to go to Dinah with. Dinah itself is great but everyone knows the real magic happens when you go back to your hotel with old, and new friends. Dinah Shore sets the stage to make friendships with other women you may not have met under usual circumstances. 

The events taking place this year are great and there are a number of celebrities and VIP guests scheduled to attend that are FAB! Lizzo will be gracing the stage along with Cece Penniston, and Lady Cultura just to name a few. 

Click HERE for full event itinerary 

The full event itinerary mentions a host of pool parties followed by the infamous All White Party Friday night. The pool parties feature the battle of DJ's, live music, and media coverage from your favorite all girl media outlets like GO MAG and TFF MAG. 

Dinah also offers a stellar comedy event on Saturday evening that gives stand up comedy lovers something to look forward to. There are also a number of meet and greets that take place throughout the duration of the weekend where Dinah patrons  have the opportunity to meet some of their favorite Youtube personalities and celesbians. 

If you plan attending any of the pool parties make sure you have a variety of bikinis to choose from along with plenty of sunscreen, a pair of cute glasses, and a tote that you can keep all of your belongings in. Make sure you keep a bottle of water on hand so you can stay hydrated while drinking in the desert. 

Once the weekend is over and Sunday Funday rolls around, and you gang of gal pals should head to Cheeky's for a bacon flight or an all natural vegetarian brunch paired. Cheeky's has great food, beautiful scenery, and yummy fresh squeezed juice. If you're looking for more booze to cure that hangover, check out their spicy Bloody Mary's and their mimosas.

Dinah Shore is the biggest all girl event of the year not because of the parties, or the celebrities they bring in, but because of the EXPERIENCE Dinah gives club goers. What was once known as the go to annual golf retreat for gay women has evolved into a staple within the Lesbian community. is honored to be an official VIP Media Parter again for the 4th consecutive year in a row. Dinah, thank you for being fabulous every year!