New Web Series "195" Follows Polyamorous Queer Women of Color


Have you already had a chance to check out the newest QUEER web series that's getting a buzz? 195 Lewis is a wonderfully composed series set in Brooklyn NY. The series itself follows a young Queer, Black Poly couple who is navigating their way through their relationship one day at a time. 


The writers of the show did a great job focusing on the main characters while bringing color to the secondary cast. 195 has a little something for everyone and the visuals presented to viewers did a stellar job representing what it means to live in a Black, Queer world. 

The season offers viewers 5 episodes which vary in length. Each episode delves into queer topics that are easy to navigate and even easier to relate to. The cast and crew are all a part of the LGBTQ community which is DOPE. Season one can be viewed online at and check out music from the soundtrack below.