The Balancing Act: Inspiration for Women Maintaining a Career and a Small Business

One of the toughest tasks in life is to figure out what career field you want to spend the majority of your life in. Even tougher is trying to figure out what you're passionate about and how you can intertwine the two. 

Today's twenty and thirty somethings are extremely focused on figuring out how to make a way for themselves so they don't have to work for someone else forever. While it's ambitious to say the least, it's also quite challenging. Bills don't stop coming, it costs money to make money, and shit happens that almost always requires you to dip into your "rainy day" fund. 

Learning how to balance your career and your business until you no longer need your 9-5 is one of the most challenging tasks you will ever face. You go to work and take orders from some supervisor who probably isn't near as bright or creative as you are, and then you drag your tired butt home to work on your own business. Weekends? What are those? Your weekends end up being the only time you have to do any real networking. 

If you feel like you're the only person out there in the world who is struggling with these same hurdles not only are you wrong, but you'll be happy to know there is a large group of people who support your journey and understand where you are coming from. Make friends with a fellow business owner or join a few groups on Facebook where you can meet other business minded women with similar interest. 

Do everything in your power to stay inspired while you're balancing your career and your business. Do things that make you happy on you're free time so you don't wear yourself too thin. Read books, take trips and learn to appreciate life outside of work.

Realize that you're doing the best you can and that nothing worth having comes easy. Working a 9-5 while maintaining your business won't last forever. Keep your head up and do your best to be organized and disciplined. Being organized will lift a great weight off your shoulders. Make sure you follow through  with everything you say you will do, and learn how to work diligently regardless of the circumstances. 


Another way to stay inspired with working on your business is to celebrate your victories no matter how big or small they may be. Every time you achieve a goal, celebrate your win. Celebrate the fact that you're making progress. If you have nothing to celebrate than celebrate the fact that you've taken initiative to start your own business at all. 

The balancing act is never easy but it's necessary to achieve greatness. Ideally you need at least two years worth of savings in case things don't go the way you expected. Budgeting is a good idea as well so you can avoid the stress of having to figure out whether you're over your spending limit or not as it pertains to business. You also need a group of supportive peers who will be there rooting for your success when times get rough. Peers that can see the light at the end of the tunnel wen you don't.

Make sure you're doing things to keep yourself happy and uplifted. Do whatever it takes to stay inspired during the lows and the highs. You are the only person with the capability of stopping yourself for attaining your goals. Be brave, be bright and most importantly, be consitent.