WATCH: View the Official Trailer for the New Series 'Brown Girls'

Major key alert ladies! There's a new web series worth watching getting ready to be released this year. Brown Girls, a new series by Fatimah Asghar, follows two young twenty something women as they embark on the journey to find themselves. 

Leila (pictured on the right) is a queer Asian-American writer who is finally taking steps towards owning her sexuality. Her Best friend Patricia is a sex positive, African American writer who is struggling with commitment issues. Apparently she can't commit to anything. That includes job's, decisions, careers  and relationships. The beauty in this show is watching two brown women from completely different cultural backgrounds become one as friends.

Not only does the trailer for this series look amazing, but 95% of the cast and crew are ALL WOMEN. TFF MAG is definitely looking forward to checking out this series. View the trailer below and share with your friends!