#SQUADGOALS : Six Squad Goals Every Group of Gal Pals Should Embrace

Photo Credit:  Shes So Overdressed

Photo Credit: Shes So Overdressed

Summer 16 is almost over and for many of us, that means that it's time to wind down and get back on the grind. For others, this means that its time to implement the ideas we've created throughout the summer to conquer the remainder of the year. Cue, operation gal pal.

Thanks to social media, squad Goals have become popular for a number of reasons. The biggest takeaway TFF MAG has observed from following the squad goal phenomenon is that if you have a strong squad, damn near nothing can get in you or your friends way. Having a squad who looks good in photos is good. Having a squad who looks good in photos and pushes you to become the best version of yourself is even epic. 

Photo Credit:  Shes So Overdressed

Photo Credit: Shes So Overdressed

TFF MAG wants to urge you and your girl squad to create goals that will help all of you evolve into amazing women in the long run. Our buddy Lillian Henny (picture above with her squad) is a practicing attorney by day and a fashion blogger by night who absolutely understands what it means to embrace "squad goals." We love her work ethic, her sense of style, and her desire to keep a circle of friends who are more like sisters that besties,

Below are six squad goals everyone should embrace. Enjoy and share with your gal pals!

6. Travel Out of the Country Together- Take your squad out of the country. Not only will you experience a once in a lifetime adventure with your girls, but you'll become a more cultured, well-rounded individual after visiting another country. 

5. Set Goals Together- The squad that gets paid together, stays together. Set goals as a group. Challenge one another to go after that new job or to save enough money for that new car you've been talking about. For some of you, going into business together may even be a good option if your career goals align. Set goals as a group and knock them out one by one.

4. Share Knowledge with Your Squad- Make sure you spread knowledge to your squad to help expand their minds. If you read a good book, caught the latest episode of Super Soul Sunday, or ran across a quote that left you feeling inspired, make sure you share it with your squad. 

3. Take Girls Trips- this may seem obvious but you'd be surprised how many women neglect the idea of maintaining a yearly girls trip. Girls trips are great for bonding. They're also great for releasing stress and gaining mental clarity. Sometimes a trip with the girls is all you need to ease your mind. 

2. Become Family- Celebrate the holidays with your girls outside of your family and significant other. Learn to embrace one another as a family while creating your own. Prepare a meal together during the holidays or feed the homeless for thanksgiving. Allow yourselves to feel loved by one another the same way you would share love with your family. 

1. Never Ever Forget One Another- Another key point that should be obvious is the fact that the biggest squad goal is to always remember your squad! While building up careers and building families can make life hectic, a good friend will always find time to connect with their gal pals. Do not ever lose sight of your squad goals because life has changed it's trajectory. In a world that's constantly changing, you will always need your squad.