TFF Mag Exclusive: Why I Chose to Give Up the Label Feminist

'm sure you're all scratching your head thinking "what the hell does she mean she's not a feminist anymore" right? Sounds odd coming from someone who prides herself on girl power and a femme identity. 

A few weeks ago I literally decided to give up the label "feminist" in hopes of alleviating myself of the political BS that comes with this label. You do not have to be labeled a feminist to be pro equality as it pertains to women. You do not have to be labeled a feminist to support girl power and sisterhood among women. For me being a true feminist is more about the power behind the act itself rather than the word "feminist". 

Let me explain. Feminism isn't for everyone and if i'm being quite frank, feminist are one ridiculous rule away from becoming another "good ole boys club" in America. The self created hierarchies created by self proclaiming feminist are just as old and tired as the phrase "slut shaming". The blurred lines and boundaries set by race and classicism among feminist are exhausting. 

I was turned off to the label feminist after realizing you're not allowed to be a feminist if you embrace your sexuality. We all know how much feminist love Beyonce and her leotard. Strippers are frowned on by feminist. Young single mothers are frowned on by feminist. Black women are frowned on by white feminist and vice versa, and there is no unity among the women who claim to be feminist. It's interesting to watch a group of people who are asking for equality between men and women navigate themselves in such a way that discourages equality among their own group. 

In general, women do not like one another. We have been trained to see each other as competitors vying for the love and affection of  masculine of center people. We are not taught to support one another. Everyone want's to be the "baddest bitch" and "show these hoes who's boss". Grow up already! Are you a boss to yourself? that's whats important.

The point i'm making here is that you don't have to label yourself a feminist simply to display your support for women's rights. Act on it! Do what you can to press forward and achieve the rights we as a whole deserve. Encourage women to be girls girls and not "mens girls". Love one another for crying out loud! Be nicer to each other. Less gossip and more love. 

Work on being a better woman everyday. Support women owned businesses, support your friends, take girls trips and be courteous to other women. In a society ran by men, we as women will always get the short end of the stick. It's up to us to come together and make a way for ourselves without the aid of the idiots who tainted our sisterhood to begin with. 

While you're waving your feminist flag don't forget that the most important thing you can do is simply be a good human being. Let your actions speak louder than your labels.