Five Habits Successful Women Should Practice Daily

We're a little more than two months into the new year and so far, it's pretty apparent that 2016 is going to fly by. If you aren't careful, you'll look up and the entire year will be gone and you'll still be doing the same thing you were doing in 2015. Scary isn't it?

Whether you're ready to start your own business or working your butt off towards a promotion at the company you're working for, there are a number of rituals you can incorporate into your daily routine to become the most successful version of yourself. Below are five habits every successful Fab Femme should practice. Enjoy and share with friends!

1. Take care of yourself. Sadly, there are a number of young women who aren't taking care of themselves in such a way that it benefits their mental being. Taking care of yourself doesn't equate to getting your hair and nails done. Taking care of yourself means eating right, drinking water, getting a good nights rest, and practicing self love on a daily basis. Your mind cannot function correctly if you're sleep deprived, hungover and pumped full of processed foods. Work smarter, not harder.

2. Set aside quiet time to reflect. For at least 30 minutes out of your day, do yourself a favor and allow yourself time to think clearly. Time to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Drink a cup of tea (or a Bloody Mary, Just sayin), read a few pages from your favorite new book, and allow yourself a moment to recharge. If you can squeeze in a quick meditation session that's even better. 

3. Write everything down and be inspired. I know that sounds silly but you'd be surprised how many times a day you'll have a cool idea or venture that crosses your mind that you forget about once you get home. Write any and everything down. Quotes, sayings, ideas, EVERYTHING. Let your heart be inspired by the places you go when your mind wanders. Once you've written down your ideas/goals they become law. In short, the universe will make sure it becomes a reality for you. You're welcome in advance. 

4. Make a plan daily. Set a goal every morning and work towards that goal. Be consistent and stay committed to your plans. If you're in business for yourself, get in the habit of creating a timeline for your work and stay committed to fulfilling things in a timely manor. Remain disciplined regardless of how many distractions come your way.  

5. Last but not least, practice resilience. The road to success was paved in chaos. Someday's you will feel like all of your efforts are for nothing. Other days you will feel like the queen of the world. Don't allow either feeling to sway your efforts. When things don't work in your favor, practice resilience and reconstruct your plan. Do your best, remember to love yourself, and bounce back in a way that promotes growth.