Lady Clementines Fantastic Party


“Let me prove myself worthy of your love”

There’s nothing like finding the perfect summer time song to breathe a little bit of magic into your world. A few weeks ago TFF MAG was lucky enough to receive a link to an AMAZING new single titled “Worthy of our Love” that is EVERYTHING summertime nostalgia is made of. We were eager to learn more about Lady Clementine and what her inspiration was for her groovy sound and one of a kind lyrics.

Lady Clementines Fantastic Party (LCFP) is timeless, regal, and everything the queer indie scene needs. Check out her the visuals for Worthy of our Love below and follow her on Instagram to stay current on all things Lady Clementine!


Tell us about your love affair with music. When did you fall in love with music and when did you become a serious artist?

My entire family is very musical so I think I fell in love with music in the womb. My relationship with music grew from consuming and performing other people’s songs into writing when I was about 20. 

Who are some of the musicians who've inspired you along your journey and who are you currently listening to?

I love Patty Griffin for how many times she’s broken my heart. I love Sza for her honesty, song structures, and rhyme patterns. I love Solange for her authenticity and originality. I love Big Thief for their folk roots turned rock and roll sound. Right now I’m listening to Susto and Lizzo. 

You have a new EP titled Clementine Season coming out this summer. Tell us about that and what viewers can expect from this body of work.

Clementine Season is a fun and flirty jam. I was thinking about melodies and instrumentation that would be fun to perform live. I’m very introverted but I feel like I was able to share my friendliness in this EP. This music is a connection point and invitation. 

Your sound and style are unique and refreshing. What are some of the things that have shaped you stylistically to become the artist you are today?

LCFP_Horizontal 2_ Joelle Grace.jpg

Atlanta is blessed with a diversity of music scenes which has prompted me to come out of my shell and experiment with sound and style. Everyone listened to country music when I was in my teens in Georgia suburbia and I like to play around with those storytelling traditions and drama in my own music now while stylistically striking a balance between innovative and nostalgic.  

Tell us a little about your latest video Clementine Season x East Coast. What was the inspiration for the visuals?

Since I was a kid I’ve been inspired by love stories, films, and fantasy. As a bi-racial Taiwanese American girl I rarely saw myself written into those forms of media. The stories that did have people of color stand out vividly for me because I would watch them repeatedly - Cinderella with Brandy and The King and I. For this music video I really wanted to take the opportunity to represent and celebrate my community and share the platonic and romantic love that exists in queer spaces. 

Where do you see yourself in five years as an artist? 

I have big dreams but I’m also trying to take things one day at a time. 

What do you want people to take away from listening to your music?

I want people to feel uplifted, entertained, and seen.