Earlier this week TFF MAG had the pleasure of interviewing Aina Breiyon (formerly known as Temper) regarding her new EP, "The Black Lion"! During our interview we discussed everything from her new EP to her personal reasons to changing for dropping the title "Temper". Her story is interesting and we can't wait to hear more form her in the future! 

Check out our interview and make sure you keep an eye on Temper as she will be tripping gems throughout the year! 

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TFF MAG: Let's hop right into it. Tell us a little about your latest project "Black Lion". What can your followers expect from this album creatively, and what has been your inspiration thus far?

Aina Breiyon: So far, life has inspired this project. Us as humans go through different emotions. I wanted to embody that in this project. As a creator I believe that we should be able to relate to different people from different walks of life but I notice that most music creators stick to one thing to protect an image. I want to exhaust all forms of freedom that we have actually have. In my Black Lion, people can expect to be in all my many moments with me. Whatever is happening at that moment that made me write about it. I write whatever is on my mind without restrictions because I look like I suppose to just rap. I just do whatever I feel. 

TFF MAG: Last time TFF MAG sat down with you, you were known as "Temper" the Artist. Tell us a little about the evolution you've gone through as an artist and why you decided to recreate yourself.

AB: I feel that the name Temper comes with restrictions and one mindset. I’ve evolved as a being so I felt that it was time to change things up a little bit. I’m more open to vulnerability and my ego is no longer on the driver seat. I’ve always been raw with my music but I made music only for a particular audience as defense mechanism when it came to the music industry but I’ve now realized that I am too big to stay small and I want to touch the hearts of millions. 

TFF MAG: How is Aina different than Temper?

AB: Temper was more aggressive and a little angry and disrespectful towards women and people in general. Aina is more open minded, vulnerable, and free. 

TFF MAG: You've opened for, and collaborated with a number of notable artist over the span of your career. Who has been your favorite person to work with so far and why?

AB: Honestly, I don’t have a favorite. In those times I just showed up to do my job and leave but the ones that embraced me the most was B2K. They just gravitated toward me after my performance. Sat and chatted with me and invited me to open up for their next show after feeling me out. I thought that was dope. 

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TFF MAG: What did you feel like the first time you felt the energy from the crowd at a large scale concert you were performing at?

AB: When I was in Paris. They barely knew English but knew every word to my songs. It was amazing. A feeling I really can’t break down using words. 

TFF MAG: What else have you been working on? Do you have any new acting ventures in the works?

AB: I’m working on my “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” project that’ll highlight other female talent. I also have a few acting gigs in the works. Can’t really talk about them until everything is finalized. 

TFF MAG: How do you balance your career and personal relationships with friends, family, and loved ones?

AB: It’s not easy but I manage. I make sure I give myself breaks to be human and not feel like a robot that’s out of touch with humanity. 

TFF MAG: Last question. Where do you see yourself five years from now as an artist? 

AB: I don’t really see myself as an artist in 5 years but I still see myself involved in music still. Running my own label and snatching all of the Grammys.