Everyone loves a good sex toy! TFF MAG recently had a chance to chat with Wet For Her creator Alice Derock. In case you didn't know, Wet For Her is one of the most popular lesbian sex toy lines on the market. Not only are her toys great, but she has managed to leave her mark in a male dominated marketplace where the majority of sex toys are made by men.

During our interview we discussed everything from makes the design of Wet For Her toys unique, to how she researched the market to find out which toys lesbians like the most. Ladies, enjoy the interview and make sure you check out the WFH website!

What inspired you creatively to create Wet For Her?

Wet For Her started when my girlfriend and I were looking for a non-realistic strap-on sex toy and we couldn’t find one. They was tones of realistic ones with sac balls, veins with cheap packaging. Nothing really oriented for us, lesbian girls. Also the only sex toys offered to the lesbian were strap on and we thought that may be we could create something different that will enhance how we make love. We came up the idea of a finger extender. A dildo that you could slip on your fingers. That will give you more strength, larger and longer fingers. Toy TWO was born.

Alise Derock & Wife

Alise Derock & Wife

Tell us about some of the obstacles you overcame while working with Wet For Her the first year.

The obstacles when you create sex toy companies are banks and website online payment. Nobody wants you. It’s really hard to find a bank to work with as if you were selling drogues and being a criminal. This has been the most difficult part. Thanksfully companies like Paypal welcomes you.

Was there ever any point where you felt like giving up or going back to the drawing board?

Many times I felt like giving up. This was coming from people around me that where not very supportive such as bank, payment processors etc. To build a business is not easy and this get even more harder when easy tasks get complicated. I went back many times to the drawing board on the distributions.  I started first to sell B2B but distributors do not look at the real benefit of your brand. They want margin and product that sell fast with no marketing. I decided after a few month to sell direct to consumer from our website. 

Why is sexual pleasure for a women important to you?

Sexuality is what differentiate a couple from friendship. Sexuality is what defines lesbians compare to straight peoples. Sexuality is who you are and your feelings. If Wet For Her can offer a better sexuality, more love, more proud for lesbian couples then we will have accomplish our mission. We want girls to make love and love they partner and themselves.  

What makes the design of your toys more pleasing that other toys?

We are designer and manufacturers. We designed all our sex toys with lesbians in mind. This give them some features that you won’t find in other sex toys companies: shape, stiffness, smell, materials used and compatibility with harnesses.  Our sex toys are non realistic giving a new approach to sex toys. We are not creating products to replace what we don’t have (penis) We are creating products that enhance lesbian pleasure.

What kind of research did you conduct to find out which toys women preferred most?

We did some anonymous survey at the beginning and most of the answer was strap-on sex toys and double dildos. This is quite easy as those are the lesbian sex toys that you can find almost everywhere. Now it’s difficult for someone to imagine what they would like. It would take a lot of research and a survey doesn’t give this opportunity. We have our lesbians focus group at Wet For Her and we present them new ideas of toys, prototypes etc. From those discussion we start a new product.

Last question. How has Wet For Her helped to shape you as a woman, and what have you earned from your company?

I learned so much from building my company. I first learned patience, then never take a ‘no’ if you believe that it is not the correct answer. As a woman and a lesbian, Wet For Her made me understand who I was and what I was capable of. This is the most powerful gift I ever received.