"The best advice to give a person is always be honest with yourself. Be honest, be truthful, and learn to love yourself before you decide to try and love anyone else."- Diamond Jiminez

BAD GIRLS! *Insert dramatic music here* A few weekends ago TFF MAG had a chance to sit down with to reality TV's hottest new bad girl Diamond Jiminez AKA "Dime" from season 15 of the Bad Girls Club. Dime became a fan favorite after viewers fell in love with her tomboy aesthetic, and her down to earth personality. 

Contrary to popular belief, Dime is quite a gentle soul. We got a chance to chat about her childhood, her time spent on the show, and her background in music. Dime is working on a number f things outside of the show that are related to the music industry. She was spotted in Houston Texas last month working as a mentor at the Spring Board South Festival.  Curious to know more about Dime? Check out our interview below and follow her personal IG page by hitting link.


TFF MAG: Let's get right into it. What kind of kid were you? What were you like as a child?

DIAMOND: I was a quiet little girl that was into instruments. I thought I was gonna be a rockstar. *Laughs*

Did you play like like, the drums and the ukulele

DIME: *Laughs* I had a lot of percussion instruments around me. I was in piano classes too. I went to the Harlem School of the Arts so I was very gifted and talented and creative. 

TFF: Very interesting. I wouldn't have guesses you played any instruments. When did you figure out you were interested in women and how long did it take you to come out to everybody else?

DIME: Ummm I kind of knew that when I was extremely young. I saw a woman in the store, I was really young maybe 7 and I just didn’t understand it. I just thought she looked really nice. *Laughs* And then I had a fiend that came and gave me a hug and it was over. 

TFF: Were people surprised when you came out or where they like “oh”?

DIME: They knew. It was one of those things that was like “alright, when are you going to accept it?" People knew but it wasn’t something I talked about until after I graduated high school. But people knew. I was very private and still am but they knew what it was.

TFF: What was it like being on reality TV and you’re kind of a private person

DIME: I live a private life but I have no problem with the camera. I’m very honest and I don't have anything to hide. Certain things I like to keep private like my immediate family or who i’m dating. But I enjoyed reality TV to the fullest. I would definitely do it all over again.

TFF: How did you end up on the show?

DIME: I applied for The Real World and I got a call from the producers of Real World saying that they liked me for BGC. They asked if I was down for it and I said “sure why not.” That’s how it happened. 

TFF: How did seeing yourself on TV change your perception of self after the show aired?

DIME: My perception of myself didn’t change. I love myself the same. I was myself the whole time I was on the show. I was just living my life and chillin. I was just enjoying the experience and making the best of it. 

TFF: How have things changed since being on the show and how did your relationship with Liv change afterwards?

DIME: Everything is cool right now. Everything else I was working on as far as entertainment and managing the clients I have went to another level. Now there's more respect and it’s good for business. I did the show for business but also to better my friendship with my ex GF which was my friend at that time; And no we are not friends anymore and that's ok. We're both mature. We just moved on. 

TFF: Do you feel like being a popular cast member on a reality TV show will hurt your romantic relationships?

DIME: Absolutely not.

Because you’re private right?

DIME: Not because i’m private but because I know what i’m doing and any woman that I decide to be with has to be mature. She has to understand that business is business and how I feel about you is how I feel about you. There’s gonna be fans and opportunities but just know that if nobody looking I'm probably not worth being with. 

TFF: What are some of your life goals?

DIME: I want to be a big time media mogul in the entertainment industry. I want to be able to expose talent whether its music or art. Whatever you love, whatever your passion is, I want to put it out there. I did showcases in NY that were sold out. I would literally find talent off the street and put them on my stage and they’ll get new followers or a sponsor or something they didn’t have before. I have a list of over 30 people who’s first time on a stage was with me. I broke their stage virginity. *Laughs* Now they’re doing really well for themselves. It’s amazing.

TFF: Name one turning point in your life that helped you become who you are today.

DIME: Maybe when I got my first corporate job at the age of 18. I’m an IT technician and have had that job for over seven years. I don’t like corporate clothing at all. I got a job where it was a chill environment, and I ended up being one of the bosses and it was great. I was making money at a very young age and I had the house and the car. 

TFF: Very cool. Last question. What advice would you give people on how to be the best version of themselves?

DIME: The best advice to give a person is always be honest with yourself. Be honest, be truthful, and learn to love yourself before you decide to try and love anyone else.