A huge part of embracing your fab inner being is truly taking time out to celebrate yourself. For my very first interview I had the privilege of speaking with Kiarra. She is a recent graduate and star feature of the highly popular YouTube channel Amber’s Closet. Read below to learn more about this fab diva!

The Fab Femme: In what situations do you find it acceptable to identify yourself as a lesbian?

Kiarra Says: I often identify myself as a lesbian in any situation that involves an ignorant person stereotyping. I love breaking stereotypes!

TFF: What is an experience that gave you the confidence and strength to continue your life journey as femme?

KS: Meeting the love of my life. When we decided to move in and create a life together, I knew being confident in who I am and who I wanted to be with was important to building a strong foundation the outside world couldn’t tear down.

TFF: Has your sexual preference ever hinder you at work? 

KS: No. I do not openly discuss my sexuality at work. I do prefer to find a career that supports LGBT rights so that if it did come out I would be in a comfortable environment.

TFF: What does your wardrobe say about you?

KS: That I am a Cali girl.

TFF: Have you ever compromised who you are?

KS: In small ways, yes. I still get anxiety around my mother. I try to keep as much of my personal life away from her as I can. She can be very judgmental, but she tries to be accepting sometimes.

TFF: Are you in a relationship? Does your femininity play into any gender roles?

KS: Although my girlfriend and I treat each other with mutual love and respect, I do feel in public she likes to take on more masculine roles like opening the door and covering the check. I don’t always let her pay though!

TFF: Has your religion/spirituality ever imposed on your sexuality?

KS: No, I don’t believe religion should ever play that big of a role in ones sexuality. As individuals we only have one purpose and that’s to be our best selves and serve a higher power.

TFF: What makes you a Fab Femme?

KS: I am a fab femme because I always strive to be the best person I can be while breaking stereotypes along the away.

TFF: What advice would you give other ladies coming out who have a feminine swag?

KS: Be you!! You are rare and amazing. Never let anyone dictate your life because you only have one, choose happiness always.

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