The only thing sexier than a woman who has her career goals in order is a woman who has her career goals in order AND rocks a fierce ass haircut, along with a FAB sense of self. A few weeks ago TheFabFemme team had the opportunity to chit chat with one of the biggest hair stylist in Atlanta Georgia, Gocha Hawkins.

If you aren't already familiar with Gocha of Gocha Salon, you're in for a serious treat. Fab Femme readers became familiar with the sheer wielding wiz after seeing her on episodes of Lala's Full Court Life with her lady love Dice. We spotted Gocha on television a second time alongside her gal pal Kandi Burruss on an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

This season Gocha will be featured on WE TV's hit show LA Hair where viewers will get a chance observe Gocha as she takes steps towards opening her new salon. We are absolutely elated to see what Gocha's salon will look like and we're even more elated to have had the opportunity to sit down and chat about her career, her experiences with celebrity clients, and what inspired her to become one of the best hair stylist in Atlanta. Enjoy our interview and stay tuned for more information on the opening of her new salon!

TFF: Tell us a little about how you first became interested in doing hair. 

Gocha Hawkins: I had a challenging upbringing. I was on the wrong path and went to prison for two years for selling drugs before getting out and changing my life around.  When I got out I wanted to live right but I still wanted to make the fast money I was used to. I started working at a hair salon and the girl I was working under was racking up. It was then I decided to do hair. There was a young lady who was great with weaves and she taught me all the tricks I needed to be successful. She decided she wanted to become a paralegal and that was my cue to get a spot in the salon . I was twenty one when I started doing hair. You never know what happens in life. Luckily I worked hard and things worked out.

TFF: You’re very well known for your unique cut and color combinations. What inspires you creatively?

GH: What I think about cut and color is that it makes a statement. Its a statement piece. When you look at long hair, sometimes everyone starts to look the same. Short hair is sophisticated, jazzy and sheik. It really shows off your facial features. You can reflect on a persons personal style by looking at their hair. I think short hair got the most attention. In most black salons there aren’t people experimenting with color so I made that my specialty. I wear unique cuts and color to show off my own work. Thats one of the things I love to do. Be the walking poster child for my company.

TFF: What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had while working in the industry up until this point?

GH: I guess i’d say working with Beyonce because she’s at the top of her game. I never though I would be working with her. To work with her was such a great experience.

TFF: You recently joined the cast of WE TV’s hit show “L.A. Hair”. Tell us a little about that experience. 

GH: That experience was very eventful and challenging but at the same time, it definitely shows the everyday obstacles that take place is salons. When you’re on reality TV you don’t have the power to get rid of stylist you don’t work well with. You can’t just let them go and move on. This is something you have to deal with and thats real. Being away from my clients and missing my the money I normally make at my shop was hard too. I missed that. 

TFF: Last question. What advice can you give young ambitious women when on following their dreams?

GH: The main thing is be consistent. No matter what you decide to do be consistent. Always push out quality versus quantity. Make sure you are surrounding yourself by other successful people. Don’t be the only big fish in your circle. You have to be aroundambitious, like minded people to stay motivated. Follow up and invest in your dreams and your future. Follow a continued education regimen. There are hundreds of resources you can use to learn more about your craft. You can even go on youtube and google and find a ton of knowledge there. 

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