Over the weekend one of our favorite lesbian chefs, Aarum Hurse, released her debut cook book 'Culinary Cool' online. The highly anticipated ebook was created over the course of one year through a labor of love. TFF was lucky enough to have the privilege of interviewing Aarum about her new project, her next book, and how she was inspired to quit her job and create a cook book.

If you're a fan of the culinary arts or just a tantalizing meal, check out Culinary Cool on Blurb. Enjoy our interview and follow the link below to purchase!


The Fab Femme: You finished your first book! How does it feel to be done? What was the process like?

Aarum Hurse: I don’t now how it feels to be done. Ive been working on it for a year and some change now. I started it when my career in TV production took a downfall. I was really down and out but instead of just sitting around I got a job at a pizza company. I also decided to start my book during this time. It’s been a crazy journey.

Of course my laptop crashed when I was getting ready to publish it the first time.  This is the first project I’ve completed on my own and it’s now openly out in the universe which is different for me. Im not a trained chef but I did google all the proper temperatures on what things she be cooked on *laughs*. The most important thing for me is to learn how to balance my day job and the book.

TFF: Tell us about some of the obstacles you faced while writing your book.

AH: I’d have to say picking which recipes would go in the book. They rep my mood, my Instagram, and some of my favorite flavor profiles. The next book already has a theme so this one will be consistent. When I first deiced to write the book I thought to myself “What do I put in here? I have so much food”.

TFF: Where do you draw inspiration from for your recipes and flavor profiles?

AH: It comes from being hungry *laughs*. I either walk the isle and grab everything I see that looks good, or I go the fridge and see what I left left that I can work with. I know what flavors I like so it’s easy for me to create dishes that are friendly to my palette. I have a chapter about finding your favorite flavor profiles for the readers.

TFF: Tell us about some of the recipes you included in the book.

AH: I have things in there like a honey maple bacon wrap pork tenderloin stuffed with sage and garlic. There’s a couple different stuffed steak recipes included as well. I have a raspberry chipotle jerk chicken that’s that’s really good. All the recipes take meals that are fairly easy to prepare and kick it up a notch. That’s one thing that makes my cooking different.

TFF: How would you like to expand your culinary gift in the future? Do you ever want your own restaurant or food truck?

AH: If I ever do own a food truck or a restaurant I dont want to be the main chef. I’d just go in the kitchen when I felt like it and taste things *laughs*. I want to put two books out in a year and figure out this whole self publishing thing. Just thinking outside the box more and more is good for me.

TFF: Can you give us a little tea on your next book?

AH: It’s called “Bacon, Bitches and Breakups”.

TFF: Interesting and relatable. Last question. What’s your favorite thing about food?

AH: It just tastes good. On a bad day fried chicken can cheer you up, on a good day, fried chicken can cheer you up. Food can always swing your mood.

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