This month the editors at TFF decided to pay homage to all of the androgynous women we love. Houston based artist Dre Price is one of our favorite androgynous fashionistas to admire from a far. Her style is exquisite and her passion for fashion and art sets her apart from other fashionistas. With a background in art, print, and runway, Dre Price holds all the tools necessary tools to set fashion on fire.

Earlier this week I caught up with Dre and asked her a few questions about what it means to be androgynous. Enjoy our interview and remember to celebrate your androgynous side.

The Fab Femme: Last year was an amazing year for a young artist by the name of Dre Price. The Houston native took the world by storm with her eclectic technique and stylistic choices of painting. Price has managed to make twenty something’s enjoy art and creativity and tap into their own bewildered desires. This year will mark her first year as a resident artist at the Contemporary Art Center: Woodside in Troy New York. Price has discussed her journey to NY in a number of monthly newsletters she distributes to her supporters.

Dre Price: On August 27, my birthday, I received a letter stating I was chosen to be one of the Contemporary Arts Center in Troy Artist in Residency. They would be providing me with a living space, a studio, nearly endless supplies and optional art classes. I was smiling and crying so hard in the car lol! This was the best birthday present I have ever received. I thought, WOW here it is, I’m really moving to New York. The Universe and my hard work made the way. I manifested. I’m still a little shocked, but I’m so ready to start the next chapter. I’m eager to do more work and I can’t wait to see what will be created from this experience. It’s crazy how mixing meditation, speaking my goals into existence, hard work and faith brought my dreams into fruition.

TFF: While Dre Price may be a new face to a number of people who have recently fallen in love with her work, she is nowhere near a newbie on the art and entertainment scene. Price started off dabbling in runway modeling via her hometown of Houston Texas. Although Price’s heart has always with illustration and art, Price excelled as a runway model and connected with a number of fellow artist and models that helped Price grow her immediate fan base. Over a short time she became a very popular model and artist on the Houston scene and took on the persona of “Starburst P” while pursuing a serious career in modeling.

After a few failed attempts at a modeling career in Atlanta Georgia, Price gave up her dreams of becoming a model and went back to working and painting recreationally. After leaving the modeling world and moving in between Louisiana and Houston Texas, Price became very depressed and grappled with who she was and what her purpose on earth was if she couldn’t follow her passion. On September 9, 2011 she poured over 30 pills into her hand and attempted to take her own life before her best friend found her lying on the grass near a dock not too distant from her house. This was the day Dre Price met herself.

Dre Price: September 9, 2011, I poured 30+ blue pills into my hand. Threw my phone on the bed, then grabbed a bottle of water and chugged them all while walking out of the door on foot. I walked to the water. Water has always been something that brought me peace. I sat on dock for a minute; looked up to the sky and with tears streaming down my face, I told God I was sorry and that I couldn’t do this anymore.

In hindsight, I know this was not the route to take, however; I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t escape the feelings of despair.

The clouds, the sky, the lake and the grass began to merge into a kaleidoscope of colors. My eyes slowly closed as I fell back to the ground. Out of dead silence I slowly began to hear blaring sirens. I then heard my best friend screaming “Drea wake up!” Then I heard my Mother’s voice shouting my name. A blinding ray of white light flashes and then I fade back into darkness. In the darkness, I heard a voice. The voice softly kept saying, “ Why are you doing this? You need to paint again. You need to create.” The voice repeated the message two more times.

TFF: After her near death experience, Price came to the conclusion that she was meant to be an artist and that she needed to come back with a vengeance and put her entire heart and soul into her craft. She began to manifest her desires and focus on her future goals and being successful within her own right.

DP: I’m all about manifesting my goals and desires into fruition. I believe in speaking things into the universe and then putting your all into your work is how you make your dreams come true. We can have anything we desire in the world. The universe is waiting on us to decide what we want and claim it.

TFF: Price produced a number of original paintings that she began to sell online and show in a number of art shows. Along the way she picked up the role of “Marty” on a popular New Orleans based web series where she quickly became the fan favorite. While attending a premiere party for the web series, Price gifted Tae Heckard with a beautiful portrait that prompted Heckard to spread the word about Dre Price and her amazing eclectic talents to all of her celebrity friends. Shortly thereafter Price popped up in a series of “Watch the Duck” music videos which were featured on 106 & Park, and created a number of new, unique t-shirts and sweatshirts that gave her supporters the opportunity to wear her artwork. Price has paved an amazing road for herself and her legacy continues to emerge and evolve as time rolls on. Her passion and drive resonates with her friends, family and loyal supporter and she continues to draw inspiration from her life to create amazing artwork.

DP: What inspires me as an artist is life experience. I can be quiet sometimes so art is a way for me to express my emotions without having to say much. Women are also an inspiration. Women are muses in both positive and negative ways. It all results in interesting pieces which is what I inspire to do.


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