TFF conducted an insightful interview with world renown hair stylist Tabatha Coffey! Her passion and talent for the art of styling hair has taken her to the top in both America and over seas. Tabatha is FAB, unique, a master at her craft, and openlygay which makes me love her that much more. If your not already familiar with Tabatha and her amazing show Tabatha's Salon Takeover please take the time to get acquainted now! Enjoy the interview!

The Fab Femme: Tell us a little about your early days as a hair stylist. When did you decide to pursue a career as a stylist and how old were you the first time you gave someone a haircut?

Tabatha Coffey: I never remember not having a passion for hair.  It started with doing wigs in my parents strip clubs when I was 6 years old and carried on to cutting every dolls hair that I owned until I started to work in a salon at 14 years old.

TFF: Your originally from Australia. How do salons in Australia differ from salons in the states?

TC: I don’t think the salons differ – I think styles and trends can vary from region to region and country to country. Education was different when I first started working in salons in Australia, because it was a 4 year apprentice program and you didn’t start on the floor until your senior year.

TFF: Tell us about the first big break you has as a hair stylist. Who’s hair did you cut and when did you realize you were recognized as a “big time” hair stylist?

TC: I don’t see myself as “Big Time.”  To me, every client that walks out the door looking and feeling beautiful is how I measure being good at what I do and to me that’s what it’s about.

TFF:  So your show Tabathas Salon Takeover is on its third season. What are some of the highlights in this season of the show and how does this season differ from season one and season two?

TC: I think each season is different and evolves, as every salon I go into has it’s own unique personalities challenges and issues. That is certainly what motivates me to continue doing the show and I think what is so interesting to viewers because the issues I tackle are common business problems. In season 3, I tried to push that further with visiting a children’s salon, a salon with it’s own unique way of marketing in a short season tourist area, a salon with 5 owners, and also revisiting some of the memorable salons from season 1 and 2 to see how they are now.

TFF: Have you ever come into contact with a salon you felt was too much of a disaster to repair?

TC: I have been to salons that are incredibly resistant to the change and it’s frustrating, but I am always hopeful it will turn around and I truly want to help.  It is a process and for some seeing the issues and facing them is hard, but I make a commitment to help them and I’m tenacious – I don’t give up.

TFF: What inspired you to help people rebuild their salons as well as become better stylist?

TC: I love my industry, and for many years was an educator doing classes and shows for hairdressers and salons around the world to better their skills and help keep them motivated. Coming into contact with so many different stylist and owners, and being a business owner and stylist behind the chair, I understood the struggles they faced and wanted to help turn their businesses around.

TFF: What has been the most memorable moment of your career thus far?

TC: Seeing the salons I help succeed, having such amazing support from my industry and fans alike and being lucky enough to do what I love while helping people.

TFF: What advice can you give our readers about staying focused, staying positive and staying disciplined while pursuing your goals and dreams?

TC: Believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams, even if other people think they are crazy hold on to your passion and dream big. I also think if you are lucky enough to find your passion, it isn’t work and is easy to stay motivated and inspired.  Creativity and inspiration come from within and if you do what you love, it’s easy to stay focused and disciplined to achieve your goals.

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