I'm uber excited to have had the privilege of interviewing a young lady who's kicking ass and taking names while she continues to rise to the top. Her name is Iggy Azalea and she's leaving her mark ALL OVER the Hip Hop game. Not only is she HOT, this girl has a flow that will make any rap lover stop and say "what the hell did I just witness?" Her sense of fashion, style, ART, and a versatile delivery set her aside from other female MC's in the industry. She's rising to the top one step at a time and we love it! She's everything FAB and FIERCE a music lover could ask for. Enjoy our interview and be sure to share it with friends!

The Fab Femme: Who’s Is Iggy Azalea exactly? To some your an overnight sensation and to your already established fan base via YouTube, your already a hard hitter in the rap game. Where were you before the music and how was your upbringing in Australia? Have you always wanted to be a rapper?

 Iggy Azalea: I’ve being rapping since i was 14 years old so it feels like I’ve ‘ALWAYS’ wanted to, A lot of people say i’m an overnight sensation i think that’s funny because its something I’ve been fighting to do for such a long time now… It hardly seems over night. I grew up in a small town in Australia and there wasn’t a lot going on… My parents broke up when I was probably about 9. My father left my sister and i abruptly. My mother, younger sister and then lived together until she eventually remarried.

TFF: Wow. That’s hard but it seems like everything turned out ok. Where did you get that dope flow from? Some of your flows are reminiscent of Eminem, Twista and Rah Digga. Who inspired you as a rapper and who does your rap style been compared to most since you’ve started rapping?

IA: My rap style gets compared to Kreayshawn or Nicki but that’s because they are the main two females out right now getting shine. I don’t think that’s an accurate reflection of my style as an artist. Honestly the only ‘fast’ rapper I’ve ever really studied like that is Ludacris… I’ve always liked his ability to combine flow and humor.

Twista, Eminem and Rah digga are all legends but none of those artists have ever really captivated me in a way thats made me buy an album and listen to it on repeat.

 TFF: Very interesting. The Kreayshawn comparisons are absurd and i’m no fan of Nicki’s gimmicks or fashion for that matter. Do you feel like you will face scrutiny or not be taken as seriously as other rappers because your the “white girl” in the game? Do you ever worry won’t take you seriously because of how modelesque you are?

No, its not something I worry about because its not something I can control. My skin colour or face is not something I can ever change (or would want to) to. Its futile to sit around worrying about it. If i thought I could never be taken seriously I wouldn’t have wasted the last 8 years trying to be a rapper. 

I’ve seen people boo me before I even open my mouth to rap at shows and by the time i’m finished the same people are clapping and cheering… I say that because I think its a testament to the fact, good music prevails.

TFF: Not the boo before you hit the mic. I bet it feels good to surprise everyone once you start rapping.Let’s talk about your album “Ignorant Art.” Where did the concept for “Ignorant Art” come from and what was your inspiration for the art work as well as the actual tracks on the mixtape?

IA: The cover is based on the Andy Warhol and Basquiat art show poster, I picked that poster because the critics really hated that art show and wrote it off as a piece of shit… A lot of people say that about my stuff too so i picked that particular image to recreate for the artwork of my mixtape.

I was reading about the artist Basquiat and thought it was really interesting how the art community ostracized him because of race and style of painting, I relate to that because i often feel that way in my own community, the ‘Hip Hop’ community.

Society gives us all these ideals about what ‘real’ music or ‘art’ is and about how different types of people are ‘meant’ to act… I believe a lot of those stereotypes are very small minded. I made ignorant art with the intent to make people question and redefine old ideals like: What is art? What is ‘real’ music? What is genius? What is ignorant? What is taboo? Why is it, should it be? etc.

TFF: I LOVE it. Very smart girl. Your song Pu$$y has caused quite a controversial stir around the internet. Some hip hop fans thought the lyrics were vulgar and inappropriate for a woman while others thought the concept was genius and completely embodied the term “Igorant Art”. Do you feel like there’s a double standard in the music industry that says men can talk about pu$$y and sex but women can’t?

 I think there is a double standard in this world when it comes to the roles of men and women. What I said IS vulgar, but its no more than the conversations I hear girls having daily when we’re all together in a group. The fact that these things are still taboo for women to talk about or say publicly i think is really, really funny but at the same time a little sad.

I pushed it to the limit to make a point and spark people to have a conversation about this topic, the end result (for or against) isn’t what i really care about… i did it to get people thinking and questioning and that has happened so I am happy. I’ll keep doing things like this always, its just how I am.

TFF: Your new single D.R.U.G.S. has landed you on popular urban blog sites like Complex Mag, Miss Jia, and Global Grind. What do you think makes people love this particular song so much and what was your inspiration for the concept of this video? What made you decide to go with a more natural glam look in the video?

IA: D.R.U.G.S is actually just a freestyle video I did, its not a single. I did it because my really good friend Pusha T heard my tape before I released it and said “these songs are cool, but they don’t showcase the fact that you can really spit! Do some freestyles so people will know you can hold your own as a spitter too”, so I was like okay I will and I did that freestyle. Pusha is someone I really look up to and he is my biggest critic so i’m always tryna show him my shit andbe like “what do you think, is it good?!?!” He is someone i really respect.

The reason i’m dressed down in the video is because I wasn’t planning on filming one! I was recording and one of my friends happened to come around and was like hey lets do the video right now ill film it! so we drove over to his photography spot and filmed it on the white wall. That’s just what i happened to put on that morning!

TFF: WOW. That;s amazing. I had no idea it was just a freestyle. You’re FAB girl! In the song D.R.U.G.S you briefly talked about sexing women better than a man with your “strap on and your vibrator.” Where did this comment come from and are you into the ladies?

 IA: I am not into ladies but its definitely cool with me if you are. I said that because i was referring to the industry as a ‘woman’ what I meant was that i can fuck (rap) her (the industry) and do it better than the guys out here.

TFF: Tell us about some of the goals you have for your career within the next 5 years. Is there anyone in particular you would like to work with?

IA: I’d love to put out an album and tour and see all the countries and places you’d never think listened to your stuff singing your songs… that’s one of the things i’ve envisioned since first starting and to see that become a reality would be crazy.

I’d really like to work with Kanye West because I love his visuals and it’d be so amazing to be able to create a visual to a song with him. There are so many people in this industry that i’m a fan of, because I am a true fan of Hip Hop… Its hard to name all of them. A lot of the people I grew up hearing are still in the game and putting out albums… so its weird because I feel a bit like a fan still and not a peer.

TFF: You and Kanye would be great together. He has a keen appreciation for art and fashion. Are there any words you live by to stay focused and stay positive while pursuing your dreams?

IA: Pain breeds strength, trust your struggle. I have the latter part tatted on my arm.

TFF: Interesting. Last question. Tell us one thing about yourself that you want everyone to know. If you want to clear the air about anything this is the time.

IA: I want to talk about all the people in this world who think its ‘fake’ that I am the way I am. People cant help what they like. I have a lot of gay friends and when people talk about the way i’m ‘SUPPOSED’ to be it reminds me of when people tell them ‘you’re not supposed to act like a girl, when you’re a boy etc.’ Its untrue and it hurts…

Our attraction to somethings weather its another sex, way of life, religion or even just music style cant always be explained, but there is not right or wrong way to exist. I just want everyone to make a mental note to keep this in mind and be more open to accepting all walks of life as they are.There are so many young people who feel isolated because they are not accepted within their communities and i want to be a voice for them.