Calling all Fefe Dobson fans! Who's ready to check out the interview TFF did with Miss Fefe Dobson? We chatted about her new album Joy, her amazing eye for fashion, musicians who inspire her and much more. Fefe was a doll and her new album is wonderful. Check out her new album title "Joy" and her video below. Fefe is back and better than ever!

The Fab Femme: Who inspired you musically before you you became a musician and actually started writing and recording music?

Fefe Dobson: I Grew up in a very musical home. Bob Marley played daily. So did MJ, Lisa Lisa, the BG’s and Phil Collins. When I was younger my sister listened to alot of Guns and Roses and Nirvana. She was going through her rebellious phase and making her pants into shorts. I was kind of in the middle of two worlds. I liked my sisters style and my mothers music. They were two different worlds. I still listen to and love MJ, Nirvana, and Phil Collins. My Mom never played classic rock. I heard the Beatles for the first time when I was 16.

TFF: So your new album Joy has been released and the tracks on the CD are amazing. What direction were you going in with this album and how does it differ from you last album?

FD: Honestly, the direction for me was just about making music that represented how I felt. I wanted to make old school Rock and Roll. I wasn’t signed when I started working on Joy so I had the freedom to be me. Theres some rock on the album along with Indie and pop. Musically, this album is alot different than the last one. Song writing wise it’s the same. Times have changed and rock doesn’t sound the same as it did in 2003. I listen to different artist and I wrote with different people back then. Either way, my album is still a girls journal.

TFF: Thats awesome. Its so refreshing to see an artist just writing and singing from the heart. Tell us a little about the song “Joy” you chose for the album title. What is the song about and what makes it special to you?

 FD: It was very joyful making the song. It was a very liberating experience to be able to make an album mostly on my own. It was all about the courage of splitting from my label. Splitting with island. I lost everything and I had to start from nothing. Its showed me a lot of growth and brought me a lot of Joy. Aside from that the song is about loving a mans anatomy. *Laughs* Its about how much I love a mans man anatomy.

TFF: Wow. Thats funny. Who are some of the writers and producers you worked with on the album?

FD: I worked with Kevin Rudolph and Bob Ezrin who is legendary. Working with him was a cool experience. Especially after so many people have told me its hard for a black girl to rock in this industry. When someone like a Bob Ezrin opens the doors to me, it shows me a lot. He really just touched me. He produced Cant Breathe and really watered the plant and nurtured it and let it develop.

TFF: I love to see black girls rock! its nice to see something different. are there any songs about love and romance on the album?

FD: A lot of them. 90% of the album is about love. I write a lot about that and ivealways been sensitive to love and relationships.

TFF: I know all about that. Heartbreak and love. Alot of your fans praise your fashion just as much as your amazing music. Are you interested in fashion when your not in the studio or do you just happen to dress extremely well?

FD: I gravitate towards 60’s, 70’s and 90’s fashion. I pull from that time period and twist it a little bit. Ive always been prone to wearing things that don’t match . I just express myself through my clothes.  Ive figured out what works for me and what doesn’t as ive gotten earlier. I like Mick Jagger, Stevie Nicks, Kate Moss and Mary Kate Olsen. I really like Kate Moss because she just wears whatever she likes. Its about owning your clothes and wearing your clothes. Not letting the clothes wear you. As long as I have my leather jacket im good.

TFF: I like that. Last question. How do you stay positive and stay focused on your career and working hard toward your goals?

FD: Boys make me go off focus sometimes. Love in general. I try to remember that I want to be something. I don’t want to fail. I want to show my Mom and my Family I can do something with my life. As well as prove to my self that I was put on this earth to achieve.

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