TFF is absolutely thrilled to share an interview we conducted with the  fabulous femme from The Voice, Miss Erin Martin! Her unique style, acoustic sound and laid back demeanor has made her a fan favorite among The Voice viewers and thousands lezzies across the globe. While listening to the sweet sounds of Amy Winehouse, we had a chance to catch up with Erin and discuss her love for music, her battle with Ulcerative Colitis, and her plans for the near future. Erin is a breath of fresh air and I think you all will be surprised by her story! Never judge a book by its cover. Enjoy the interview and share with friends!

The Fab Femme: Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up, what kind of childhood did you have and when did you fall in love with music?

Erin Martin: Well Aryka, I grew up in Michigan. I grew up in musical theater. I started performing when I was four or five years old. I would sing and dance around the house. Theater was my calling. When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had my large intestine removed and had a full colectomy at 14 years old. Ulcerative Colitis is similar to Chrones and it was a long hard recovery. By the time I was 16 I started to feel better and when I was 17 I moved out of the house and I felt exuberant. I wasn’t in a hospital anymore. I could finally start to experience life.

I worked with ford modeling agency for 6 years before I started pursuing a career in music. I lived in Wilmington Indiana. I followed a friend there and started playing music. I move to la when I was 21. I’ve also lived in Oregon. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a traveling gypsy *laughs*. I wrote 40 songs that I wanted to put out on an organic, acoustic record for my first project.

TFF: So you're pretty musically inclined?

EM: Yes. I started playing piano when I was two and the violin and clarinet shortly thereafter. When I was 16 I picked up the guitar. I love theater. Here’s another interesting fact about me. My family did a lot of renaissance reenactments when I was little. It was cool. I’m also kind of a computer techy. I like electronics. I’m definitely a gamer.

TFF: What’s your favorite game?

EM: Metroid was until I beat it *laughs*. Now I need a new game. I also like css and html.

TFF: Very cool. I like techy stuff too. Hence my blog. Im also a big fan of musicals and the arts. Art and fashion go hand in hand. I love them both. It’s clear you had a vision for your career and stylistic choices long before you made it on The Voice. Who do you draw inspiration from as an artist and who are some of your favorite artist now?

EM: My favorite artist is Ken Ressner from 9 inch nails. My fashion inspirations come from living in different places. I draw influences from everything I see. I never like to look like anybody else. I have to be different. I like to be unique. I was interested in fashion design as a child and it kind of carried over into my music.

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