TFF had a great chat with Amiyah Scott last night and we dished about everything from the rumors about her dating Lil Wayne, to how she got started on the ballroom scene. Hopefully you will all enjoy this FAB interview and take something away from the information shared about what it means to be a transgedered woman. Enjoy!

The Fab Femme: How did you get involved with the ballroom scene and what was the first “House” you ever belonged to?

Amiyah Scott: Well, Growing up in N.O. I’d heard a lot about walking balls and houses. I didn’t really know what transgender was at the time so I didn’t choose to join a house for that reason. I started to venture out into the ballroom scene around the age of 17 and the more I walked in balls the more I enjoyed it. It was a completely different world and it kind of allowed me to be myself. I traveled from state to state entering balls and winning. It was crazy.

After hurricane Katrina I started frequenting balls to try and win money and make a living. I was separated from my family after the flood and I made a special bond with the house of Mizrahi which became the house I was a part of. I won a lot of money walking in balls and participating in the ballroom scene.

TFF: About how much money would you say you’ve won all together?

AS: One time I won 5,000 dollars in one night. That’s the biggest cash prize I’ve ever won. Altogether I’ve won over 12,000 dollars in cash prizes all together. That was between the ages of 17-20.

TFF: That’s FAB! Tell us about the first time you walked in a ball and how it made you feel. Were you nervous and what was your instant perception of the ballroom scene?

AS: It was overwhelming. I felt like I was modeling on a cat walk but at the same time the energy is so high and all over the place. I remember my first ball. It was a birthday ball and I walked face for the first time. The response was overwhelming. I also walked drag face that nice for the first time. They thought I was a trans girl and I wasn’t yet. I was more of a drag queen at that time. I hadn’t gone through any of the transitioning process to fully become a woman yet even though I knew that’s who I was. From that ball on it was a whirlwind. I traveled all over after that. I was walking in any and every ball and winning.

TFF: You were a socialite by the ripe age of 17. You’ve been linked to everyone from Amber Rose to Lil Wayne. How did you get involved with such a high profile group of people and do you consider yourself an a list girl?

AS: I met Amber Rose at the first major ball that projected me into that scene. It was a huge ball in New York between 2006 and 2007. Eva the diva was also there and she was a special guest for the evening. When I came out to walk I hadn’t had any work done or anything like that. Eva really lived for my look. We just kept in contact, chatted and took photos together. Me and Amber had a different kind of bond. We walked in balls together. She was in the house of Mizrahi with me and she was one of my favorite girls to spend time with at balls and events. She was a sweet girl and always has been. She hasn’t changed at all since the fame. People are normal people and regardless of who we are were all still normal people at the end of the day.

As far as the Lil Wayne rumors go, I don’t know who said that or how that got started. Ive had a few encounters with high profile men and that’s all that im going to say. I won’t ever name them. A girl who kisses and tells never gets kissed again (laughs).

TFF: Tell us a little about your love life. What it like dating high profile men and does the fact that your transgendered ever hinder you from having successful relationships?

AS: It’s weird. Things are a lot better with me now because I have different networking opportunities. I’m able to be honest with myself and still pursue my passions and that makes a difference in my love life. When I first broke on to the ballroom scene I was receiving a lot of attention and I was in serious relationship. The speculation and the drama on blogs were ruining any chance I had at a “normal” relationship. I mean as normal as a trans woman can have. That’s always going to be a factor. The gossip about my love life and my gender put a strain on us and on me. I realized that I’ll never be able to be “normal”. I was being naive. Realistically I am transgendered and it’s something that I can’t hide. It’s not going to be a secret. I realized around 18 or and I just realized this would be a secret I couldn’t keep.

Ive dated a number of celebs and musicians that are in the closet. Some of them really cared for me and were upset that we couldn’t be together because of their careers. Others thought of me as a play toy or some kind of transgender trophy and that’s not me. Im a woman. I want a life and a family just like everyone else. I don’t want to live in the dark about who I am anymore.

My ex fiancés family didn’t know about me and they found out like a year later. Of course this secret was a problem a few years down the line. When I separated from him I took it hard but I really took things to the next level and people are really starting to see who I am. It was a hard break up but in the end it changed things for the better.

TFF: Amazing things always come from big break ups. Tell us about some of the things your currently working on as far as your career goes.

AS: Right now im working with a hair company. Two of them have reached out to me already. One big company asked me to model with them and use me as a model. Im excited about that. I’m a hair girl (Laughs). I love hair and glamorous things. I think every girl should be glamorous.

I also want to do some things to give back to the community. The gay community is really supportive of me as a whole. They push me to live in a sense. Even though I’m living my life as a heterosexual woman, I know that’s where I came from. I’m trying to give back by trying to help people who are going through a transition and have no one to talk to. There aren’t a lot of websites or doctors to help us. We don’t have the finances or insurance coverage for the surgeries we need and the younger generation of trans women and men aren’t getting support or funding from their parents. The conversation about my parents buying me breast was hilarious. It wasn’t happening (laughs). Anyways, I got pumped with silicone when I was 16 years old. I’ve had a few complications with that. I don’t want young trans woman to go to the streets to find hormones and pills for a cheaper price on the streets. It’s not safe.

I also plan on writing a book about my life experiences within the next few years. I have a good feeling it will be a best seller. My book will discuss some of the encounters I’ve had as well as my life as a transgender woman.

TFF: I cant wait to get my hands on a copy of that book. Last question for you. What do you think the Medias fascination is with “Amiyah Scott”?

AS: (Laughs) Girl I don’t know. Some girls are beautiful but they aren’t intriguing. I think people are intrigued by me. Ive had a lot of men and women eye me from across a room and then wait until they get alone to come and try to talk to me. Im not sure what it is but Im ok with it.

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