EP. 101 Clarissa & Joanna

Clarissa is a 29 year old makeup artist and mother of one from Houston Texas. Joanna is a 19 year old undergrad student at the University of Lafayette Louisiana. 

EP. 102 Aryka & Jessica

Aryka is a 29 year old published author as well as the creator of TheFabFemme.com. Jessica is a 32 year old real estate agent from Baton Rouge Louisiana who now resides in Houston Texas with her long time on and off again girlfriend. 

EP. 103 Natasha & Chanel

Natasha is a 28 year old tattoo salon owner from New Orleans Louisiana. She's raising a little girl with her partner of seven years. Chanel is a 29 year old writer and motivational speaker from Los Angeles California. She was also featured on the second season of The Real L Word.